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Success Stories

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We love hearing your success stories!

We are pleased  to share some of the results our patients are experiencing, as well as feedback on educational workshops led by Dr. Higney.

Please enjoy! Contact us to schedule a consultation.

What Our Patients Say

“I honestly feel like a new woman. I never thought I would feel this good again. Having my energy back is priceless”

– Jess, Kensington, NH

“I feel so much better. No more intestinal pain, and overall happiness. The weight loss is pretty nice too. My husband can’t stop smiling, and neither can I. This program is so life changing. It’s amazing to feel like myself again.”

– Kate, Portsmouth, NH

“I have so much more energy. I feel ready to exercise. My memory is sharper, my attitude is better. I also have less shortness of breath because I’ve been losing weight around my chest”

– Marie, Epping, NH

“Sugar cravings have diminished significantly”

– Margaret, Portsmouth, NH

“I’m so happy – I’ve taken off 16 lbs already, feel better and my breasts are smaller which is great. I have made positive changes that are healthier for me. I can’t believe it’s only been a month and we’re just getting started!”

– M.M

“My anxiety is ten times better. Stomach issues that I used to have daily are completely gone. I’ve also lost 20 pounds already, and need a new wardrobe!”

– J.P

“I love my reflection now. I feel younger, more vibrant, and clearer-headed. Not to mention the lighter feeling because of weight loss. My confidence is higher because of the weight loss and new look of my body and my skin is amazing!”


“My hands are warmer, and I’m most happy with my hair feeling thicker and less frizzy. My nails are growing harder and not splitting. My skin feels soft and less red and inflamed-looking!”

– A.M

“My energy has been boosted. I didn’t expect it but I have more vaginal moisture, and I’m more rested, so I have more willingness to be sexy :)”

– W.F

“My skin feels better – not so dry, and dark circles are better! I am sleeping longer, and don’t seem as tired all the time. And, my pants are getting looser!”

– L.C

“My skin is clearer and softer. My head is clearer too, and I have steadier energy throughout the day”

– J.C

“I’m not tired during the day anymore, and I fall asleep easily at night.”

– Alex, Wells, ME

“I’ve noticed less puffiness under my eyes, and less dark circles. The way I feel is amazing, and I’ve already lost a bit of weight! I love my new way of eating”

– H.S

“My hairdresser noticed new baby hairs along my hairline, and my eyebrows are filling in again – it’s only been a few months”

“My skin feels amazing! If I do have an eruption, it practically heals overnight”

“Swelling in hands and feet is gone”

“I crave nutrient-dense foods now. No more sugar or carb. cravings”

“No more ‘blocked’ ears and congestion. I dealt with it for years without questioning it”

“I feel more flexible, younger, more vibrant, and clearer-headed”

“My husband has begun telling me how beautiful I am …regularly!”

“Increased mental clarity, easier to problem-solve, and my memory is back!”

“I used to have 2-3 migraines a week. I haven’t had one in 8 months (yes!) since starting to work with you”

“No more morning congestion and my skin has cleared – feels softer and more pliable”

“I have so much more energy – even with less caffeine!”

“I am happy to be learning so much & taking better care of myself – I want my golden years to be very active”

“Fall allergies aren’t bothering me for the first time in years. In past years I would have been taking an over the counter medication by now”

“My shoes are too big now, so I’m sure I’m losing inflammation!”

“I’m more calm. I would say I now have an extreme sense of calm, which is very helpful when staying focused”

 “My facial cysts are getting smaller J”

“Sleeping great! I’m falling asleep easy, and have deep sleep, and am waking with energy”

“The brown spots on my hands were getting so bad I was going to get hand make-up. I didn’t have to, the spots are getting lighter and going away – on my face too!”

“Everyone at work is noticing and asking what’s different”

“My skin seems more clear now, even though I have my period, which is when I break out”

“I’m much less inflamed overall; no pain in my right hip for the first time in years”

“I don’t ‘crash’ between meals like I used to. My sugar cravings are way less – and I actually crave salad and veggies when I don’t have them for too long. What a difference!”

“This has definitely affected my hormones! I haven’t had any cramps at all.”

“Much better mental clarity, especially in the afternoons. I’m noticeably better able to focus at work”

“I realized I was doing a lot of mindless eating. Now I plan ahead for every meal and I’m so proud of myself.”

“Noticeably less sugar cravings. I honestly crave things like greens and cauliflower now. It’s crazy!”

“I had some skin discoloration on my stomach that has gone away – along with the ‘sun spots’ on my hands and face”

“Chocolate cravings…gone. My energy lasts though the day and I don’t feel like I need an  afternoon nap anymore.”

“My hands have always been cold and I assumed they always would be. Now that my thyroid is back in balance, my hands are rarely cold and I have much more energy.”

“The increase in energy helps me keep up with my toddler”

“My headaches were almost daily when I started. Now they’re rare and I’m so much calmer. The cysts in my breasts are now smaller/shrinking too.”

“My boss said I have more bounce in my step. I definitely have more energy, and I’m more optimistic.”

“My hands don’t ache anymore, and my neck and sleep are so much better”

“I’ve stopped diet coke completely – so proud of myself – feel fine! My energy is much better, even without caffeine.”

“Less joint pain & inflammation, so my knees aren’t hurting anymore”

“My husband says I’m vibrant & more relaxed! I agree – especially on the relaxed part.”

“Increased mental clarity, more focused and efficient at work. My ‘brain fog’ has lifted.”

“What can I say – I’m thrilled that the bloaty puffiness is gone, and so has my leaky bladder. I’m calm before bed, with no anxiety or insomnia (and no sugar cravings anymore!). Thank you!”

“I had fun with my group presentation this time. I didn’t try to make myself smaller – I feel so good in my skin now J”

“Someone at work actually noticed that the ‘sun spots’ on my face are going away. I didn’t realize they had noticed in the first place!”

“The tired feeling behind my eyes is gone. I don’t feel exhausted all the time. I have energy and I’m happy to report that my libido has returned full force. I just feel good in my body again – like a fog has lifted.”

“No sugar cravings!”

“I love the nutrition you set up for me. I feel satisfied and never hungry, and I know my hot flashes have lessened. My sleep is better. Everything is coming together, and I’m learning so much about how to take good care of myself.”

“I used to decline invitations from people if I thought something would take too much energy. Now that’s not even a thought. My energy is much higher and so I’m enjoying doing more with people without feeling depleted.”

“I feel calmer and colleagues have noticed as well. My outlook is better.

My body is changing – breast cysts are gone, and my breasts are less swollen and tender. I’m starting to get my waist back, and my pants feel looser.”

“Since working with you, my last few periods have been painless. I didn’t even consider that was possible – I’ve had pain with my periods since they started. Thank you!”

“My body has changed so much, so I actually enjoyed bathing suit shopping – and bought 3!”

“With our last baby it took 6 months to get pregnant. This time…”first try”!!!”

“No period cramps for the first time since I was a teenager, and practically no PMS! I just know I’m so much healthier now. Thank you Thank you!”

“I love having a doctor who actually listens. It’s very easy to learn from you and stay on track.”

“I used to wake up around 3 EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and couldn’t get back to sleep. Now I’m falling asleep easier, and getting a good solid 7 hours. If I get up to pee, I fall back to sleep immediately. I had forgotten what it feels like to wake up refreshed”

“Looks like I’ll be Spring clothes shopping for another size down – oh well!”

“Everyone at work is commenting about how healthy and happy I look. I’m happy to report that the candy dishes and frequent birthday cake don’t interest me one bit!”

“The purple bags under my eyes are going away and my energy is coming back”

“My doctor is very pleased with my numbers. When I told him about the changes I’ve been making, he kept asking “who is this person?” I’m just so happy to get my health (and my body) back.”

“My skin feels and looks so much better.”

“Since coming here, I’ve started to have decreased pain, increased activity, sleeping better, better appetite, and more energy.”

– Leah, Rochester NH

“I am impressed and excited about the healing possibilities that we discussed. The doctor is very kind, caring, knowledgeable, and a true pleasure to meet with and discussed a healthcare strategy. I left the first visit with a smile on my face and a sense of being on the right road to a better balance in my life and my body.”

– Wanda S.

“I sleep 100% healthier and longer. I have more energy, run faster and longer and have a completely new body awareness. I love how I feel today about myself.”

– Krissy, New York NY

“I’ve found myself feeling better all around. I love the thorough approach to well-being used at Cardea. It’s an inviting place to be and a great way to start feeling better.”

– Beth, Wells ME

“My energy is up and now I feel better than I have felt in years. After years of trying every type of doctor I could think of, I feel like I have finally found the answer and I can start living a happier, healthier life.”

– Mandy, Newmarket NH

“It seems like my entire life, I’ve had trouble sleeping. I had just accepted that was the way it had to be. The quality and duration of my sleep increased and along with it, my energy throughout the day! Over time, I’ve noticed improvement with my digestive system and general sense of well-being. I am happier more often; more relaxed and can sleep without any medications! I want to give my sincerest gratitude and appreciation to Kimberly and her team; you provide a priceless service!!! Thank you so much, you’ve enabled me to live a life better than I could have ever thought!”

– Nicole, Manchester NH

“I have been on low grade antibiotics for over 2 years for skin issues. Now, my skin issues are clearing up and I am no longer on any medicine, for over a month.”

– Nicole, Exeter NH

“I wanted what she had to offer and I liked the way her patients felt after seeing her. Dr. Kim is a wealth of knowledge regarding our bodies and how to keep all of our systems running efficiently. When she speaks I listen because she offers precious gems in health care.”

– Lisa, York, ME

“Cardea is a warm and inviting atmosphere; guided by evidence based principles; strong communication.

– Matt, Portsmouth NH

“Cardea is awesome! It feels like they really care about you and Dr. Higney is truly passionate about her craft & it shows. Cardea is wonderful. They are always timely and always accommodating.”

– Katheryn, Greenland NH

“Dr. Higney’s energy is refreshingly gentle and effective.”

– Joanna, Cambridge, MA

“Cardea is so much more than simply a “medical” solution to health concerns. They get at another level where awareness of the connection between the physical and other consequences make you more aware of how you live day to day.”

– Cora, Greenland NH

“The experience at Cardea has been very positive. The doctor has been so helpful in answering questions and giving advice. I find her to be very professional and very understanding and compassionate. I believe that I have made great improvement.”

– Sharon, Portsmouth NH

“I just didn’t know what it felt like to feel even better. Thank you!”

– Colleen, Portsmouth NH

“I will never forget the care that I received and the dramatic outcome it had on my life. Dr. Kim Higney is amazing!”

– Leanne, Stratham NH

“Cardea has given me new energy so that I am doing more with my life. My focus in my music, performance and writing is more engaging and creative. And this has improved the quality of my life. My creativity and problem-solving at my work has been also improved and this pleases me. Dr. Higney has taught me to see the difference between striving for perfection and striving for excellence. Perfectionism makes you sick.While striving to do the best you can helps you to enjoy life’s ride, bumps and all. Thank you Dr. Higney!”

– Sylvia , Durham NH

“Cardea is a comforting, welcoming place to come to and I look forward to it every time. The proof is in the results. And I believe my life feels more balanced; the more balance I get through care.”

– Liza, Portsmouth NH

“The staff is very kind and caring. My son had some issues also (panic attacks). Dr. Kimberly has been just so kind with him and has relaxed my son. His well-being has improved.”

– Julie, York ME

“I am more aware of my body, mind & breathing. Tension has dropped & I feel better overall. My knee is starting to release from being so inflamed. Dr. Higney really cares about her patients & you feel that when she speaks to you.”

– Lori, Hampton NH

“Cardea is a very pleasant, helpful, warm environment [and] very informative. I found the process to be focused on the problem vs. the symptom. cardea provides a nurturing environment.”

– Bob, Greenland NH

“Normally, I don’t give references or testimonials to anyone for anything, but my experience at cardea has been special. I owe a very big thank you to Dr. Kimberly for her genuine interest in making me well. She takes the time with each visit to get my input and explains the process fully. I can honestly say, most of my issues have cleared up now and I’m much more aware of what I can do to help the healing process. This has been a unique experience that I really don’t mind sharing with others.”

– Geri, Newmarket NH

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