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Educational Presentations

From time to time Dr. Higney is able to provide specialty on-site workshops for organizations. Please enjoy a sampling of some of the feedback attendees have shared. Should you have a speaker inquiry, please contact us.

See What Our Clients Say

“I want to personally thank Dr. Higney for providing our department with such relevant tools during our recent workshop. You made a valuable link between our individual hard-wiring and how we take on stress that directly affects our health. Several people have already commented that they were able to use this right away. Thanks again to you and your professional team. We look forward to our next session with you.”

– Chief Sheehan, Dover NH

“The staff of TMS Architects had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Kimberly Higney of Cardea speak about workplace ergonomics and the importance of good nutrition. The information that she passed along to us and the ensuing discussion that took place among our staff was very interesting and enlightening. I recommend any company concerned with employee productivity, health and well-beinginvite Dr. higney to share her practical approach. We found simple adjustments in daily workplace routine and small changes in diet can make a significant impact on employee performance and morale.”

– Shannon Alther, AIA Principal, TMS Architects Portsmouth NH

“Information was very interesting and helpful. Presenter was fantastic – very genuine, knowledgeable, and approachable, and really seemed to care about the topic and how it can benefit others. Thank you!”

“Wonderful presentation! I will be able to use this!”

“Nice job! Packed 3 days in to a 45 min. overview!”

– Newmarket International Portsmouth NH

“Enjoyable and REALLY interesting. Makes me interested to see which tips will work for me”

“Great presentation and liked the interactive participation”

“Thank you! Very informative and enjoyable. I would love a longer version of this – maybe a half-day workshop?”

– National Passport Center Portsmouth NH

“I have such a better understanding of how the hormone system works. I’m not crazy after all! Love it!”

“GREAT information. Thank you!”

“Some of the most valuable information was when Dr. Kimberly shared personal examples. I could relate and those examples made the information more understandable. Thank you!”

“I appreciated learning about the “biology” and more detailed info. about hormones. Just wow!”

“Wow, what a great workshop! Very informative & helpful!”

“We need a second session. This was amazing!”

– Cardea in-house event Greenland NH

“Very informative. Excellent presentation!”

“I love that this was interactive! Very professional and helpful”

“It’s obvious you know what you’re talking about. Thank you for taking time away from your practice to share such a great presentation with us.”

– New Hampshire Public Defenders Dover NH

“Very useful! Some great techniques to relax and reload! :) “

“Well-prepared, thought-out, pertinent information”     

I learned some of the physiology about the adrenal cortisol.       

“Kimberly’s knowledge about the topic is impressive. How one thing connects to the other and why I’m tired and lack of energy – now I understand!”

“This was a great workshop, probably one of the best I have ever attended. Great information, learned a lot.”     

“The information was interesting and relevant.” 

“Dr. Kimberly was incredibly knowledgeable about the subject matter.”       

“Love the science basis of practice. Very good ☺”    

“Loved this topic and helped me to reach some ah-ha moments.”  

“It was nice to have a topic that’s been presented a lot to be discussed with a different focus – the biology instead of ‘what is it’.”       

“Great information on hormonal feedback”

“Presenter investment in topic – excellent. Presenter delivery of topic – excellent”   

“Very knowledgeable. Definitely actionable advice!”     

“It’s real – biology – happening.”

“Wish it could have been a bit longer” 

– New Hampshire Health and Human Services Manchester NH

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