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The Challenge of Hormone Imbalance

StonesAs women, many of us experience things like unexplained weight gain or fatigue, lackluster libido, insomnia, and hair-trigger emotions – and rather than getting the solutions and support we need, we question ourselves.

Perhaps we think we’re making something out of nothing, or that we’re imagining things.

Doctors may tell us that our labs are “normal”, it’s simply part of aging and we just have to accept it. Mothers, sisters, and aunts may say they have the very same thing, so it must “run in the family”.

If all this sounds familiar – trust your instincts. It’s not “normal aging”, and almost never just hereditary, and you aren’t crazy.

Most importantly – you’re not broken, and you certainly aren’t alone.

Signs of Imbalance

We haven’t necessarily been taught to observe the signs of imbalance in our body. This is particularly true when no single thing is debilitating, but when there are a bunch of frustrating ways you feel a bit off. A little less energy, not sleeping quite as well, exercise is less effective, more foods throw off your digestion, and sex drive wanes.

Together, these little signs, can be indicative of hormonal system imbalance. Often this is the long-term result of our bodies becoming so burdened from operating in “overdrive” that, not just one hormone, but our hormone control system gets out of sync…and we get depleted.

The signs of underlying hormone imbalance, such as changes in energy levels, mood, weight, skin and hair, and quality of sleep – are important ways our body tells us to pay attention.

Is This You?

When we are depleted from operating in “overdrive” for too long, our hormones become out of sync. Since all hormone-producing glands work together in a network, when one is out of sync, the others must adapt, and imbalances occur. This can result in many secondary conditions.

Effects of Hormone System Imbalance

Effects of Hormone System Imbalance

Restorative Endocrinology – A New Approach

Currently the most common response to hormone imbalance is hormone replacement, essentially “topping up” hormones to pacify symptoms.

Fortunately, it’s becoming more well-known that safe, natural, and effective solutions – beyond hormone replacement, exist.

At Cardea, we have a unique approach. Rather than focusing on the symptoms of hormone imbalance, we use advanced testing and a thorough evaluation to get to the root of any underlying hormonal system imbalance that may be causing your symptoms.

Then, we focus on the lifestyle and functional nutritional support, and the information you need to help restore (not replace) your glands ability to self-regulate your own hormone production. From there, your body knows what to do.

So what is “normal” when it comes to your hormones?

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