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Could You Benefit From Nutritional Cleansing? Take the Quiz

The form will automatically calculate the total for each section and the overall total. If any individual section is 6 or more, or the total is 40 or more, you may benefit from nutritional detoxification.

Food lover's Cleanse


Food Lover’s Cleanse

The Food Lover’s Cleanse is a balanced, satisfying 28-day whole-food nutritional cleanse led by Dr. Kimberly Higney. Feel lighter, brighter and clearer while enjoying fresh, satisfying meals supported by pure whole-food supplements.

As food lover’s, we at Cardea firmly believe that a nutritional detox doesn’t have to mean sacrifice or boring food! This cleanse is meant to be healthy, effective and satisfying. 

Our private online group means anyone can participate from anywhere, on their own schedule, while enjoying the fun and support of a like-minded community.

Key signs that nutritional cleansing may be indicated include:

  • fatigue and sluggishness
  • restless sleep, including hot flushes and night sweats
  • bloating, constipation
  • skin issues (breakouts, itchy patches, dryness)
  • sugar/carb. cravings and weight gain
  • reduced mental clarity (“brain fog”)
  • swelling in feet and ankles

What Is The Cost?

Early Bird (before midnight Feb. 15th): $250

After Feb. 15th: $275

*Register before midnight Sun. Feb. 23rd to receive your cleanse kit in time to begin with us on March 2nd.


“I Don’t Cook A Lot…Is This Cleanse For Me?”
Yes! There are lots of recipe options, from quick and healthy choices to those with a little prep. There’s flexibility to be as simple or fancy as you like!
“I’m vegetarian? Can I do this?”
Yes! The whole food cleanse supplement blend is plant-based, and recipes are flexible for you to swap out proteins as you like. If you eat eggs and occasional seafood, it’s even easier!
“Is There Anyone Who Shouldn’t Do The Cleanse?”
Yes, if you are pregnant or nursing, it’s not the right time for detoxification. If this is you, sit tight and don’t worry, we’ll be here when the time is right : )
Also, if you take blood thinners (and your doctor has told you to stay away from green veggies), call us about other options for you.
“This Sounds Like Exactly What I Need Right Now…How Do I Sign-Up?”
Just give us a call at (603) 433-2023 and we can get you set up.
“I Have Another Question…”
Perfect – we have an info. night (with samples!) coming up. Just call us to RSVP (603) 433-2023 and bring a friend!



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